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Roadpear 19mm Fully Tempered Glass Optical Pavement Markers

  • Model: LB-19Y
  • Compressive Strength: 60 tons(588KN)
  • Material: Optical grade tempered glass
  • Height: 25mm(±2mm) base/19mm(+0mm, -2mm) top
  • Diameter: 100mm(+2mm, -0mm) base/60 mm top(±2mm)
  • Weight: 520g±20g
  • Color Options: White, Yellow; Other color optional




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Fuzhou RoadPearl Traffic Technology Co.,Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of Glass Road Studs in China. All of the production procedures are comply with ISO9001. Offering 5Years of warranty service. Many highways, main roads and city roads in China already use them for many years.

Certificates: CNAS; CE EN1463-1 and EN1463-2.


1. Excellent weather resistance with long life span.

2. Ideal for the protection and highlight key points on the road.

3. Easy to install in cement or asphalt.

4. Driving over possible by buses, trucks  and container cars.

5. Free of maintenance.
6. Excellent wear resistance and chemistry stability. 

They are able to withstand the erosion of tire, sand, different kinds of solvent and oil fuel. Moreover they also have strong resistance to acid rain as well as salt fog. As a consequence, they can be used in various kinds of severe road conditions for a long time.

At night, the glass road studs are shinning as light bulb:

Whether it is foggy or not, RoadPearl's stud guides the road and ensure traffic safety:

Installation of tempered glass road studs: 

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